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We’re Leef Nutrition, and we’re uniting resource-conservative water lentils, aquacultural innovations, and patented, applied extraction technology to make responsible plant-based protein and fiber ingredients.

Our Value Chain

We’ve built an integrated supply chain to enhance product quality and traceability, ensure price stability, and create a reliable source of plant-based protein and fiber.

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Aquatic Cultivation

To conserve resources, we grow our water lentils in quality controlled, nutrient-balanced water basins on non-arable land.

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Daily Harvest

Efficient growth means we can harvest our water lentils daily, guaranteeing high-volume supply and quality to stabilize price.

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Proprietary Extraction

Our proprietary cold-press extraction facility results in two nutrient-rich water lentil ingredients and no waste streams.

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Quality Ingredients

A responsible value chain that prioritizes quality control supplies our customers with nutritious, clean, and traceable vegan ingredients.

What We Do

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Protein Concentrate

Fortify foods with Leef Nutrition’s clean, sustainable, and functional plant-based protein concentrate.

  • Complete protein with BCAA composition similar to dairy-based alternatives
  • Free from common allergens and non-GMO
  • High digestibility
  • Rich in minerals, micronutrients, and Vitamins A & E
  • High solubility and functional properties, including foaming, jellification, and emulsification

Fiber Chips

Our chips are bursting with fiber and contain significant protein content and micronutrients.

  • Consists of crude fibers, micronutrients, carbohydrates, and more than 22% protein
  • Replaces or reduces wheat fiber in applicable products
  • Contributes to low-allergen, clean-label, and non-GMO offerings
  • Water-binding fiber available in pellet or uncompressed formats

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Why Water Lentils?

Fresh from the source, water lentils are protein powerhouses in a balanced diet.

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Water lentils improve human health

An excellent source of digestible protein, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, water lentils provide bioavailable nutrition for maximum benefit.

They positively impact the environment

Water lentils are a sustainable source of plant-based protein. Using no arable land, water lentils yield 10x more protein per hectare than soy while using substantially less water.

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Their stable supply limits price volatility

Year-round growth allows for daily harvests, stable extraction volumes, and predictable supply.

They are a clean and traceable food source

Our water lentil cultivation and extraction processes require no pesticides, hexane, or other chemicals. Our sourcing is highly traceable through our integrated value chain and the resulting ingredients are non-GMO and free from common allergens.

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Leef Nutrition supports complete use of the water lentil while providing stable protein and fiber ingredients to a variety of finished applications.

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Sports and
Dietary Nutrition

Leef Nutrition’s green protein powder is both non-GMO and vegan while also being chock-full of digestible micronutrients. A light taste profile and concentrated, soluble protein make these powders a valuable addition to beverages, shakes, bars, and supplements.

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Our protein powders contain at least 75% protein and include all essential amino acids, Vitamins A & E, and beneficial fatty acids, making them a nutritionally valuable addition to better-for-you snack applications. Protein-rich fiber chips also serve as a common-allergen free, non-GMO replacement to wheat and grain additives commonly found in snacks and bars.

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Baking and

Free from common allergens and non-GMO, Leef Nutrition fiber chips are ideal for those looking to reformulate in the baking and confectionery space. Our protein-concentrated, clean fiber is sourced directly from our integrated supply chain using the same proprietary technology as our protein powder.

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Pet Food

Our sustainably sourced chips provide 22% protein content. With potential use in everything from treats and snacks to healthy feeds, Leef Nutrition fiber chips are a solution for pet parents seeking premium options for their dogs and cats.

Unbe-leef-ably Responsible

We’re Leef Nutrition. We make honest plant-based protein the norm rather than the exception by harnessing the power of water lentils to create a reliable and cost-efficient vegan protein supply chain.

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